#12   A glimpse of heaven

#12 A glimpse of heaven

Bible Passages: Revelation 4:1-11 We get a view of heaven as God prepares to deal with those who have failed to acknowledge His only Son. What we see will take your breath away.

#11   It’s all about the math

#11 It’s all about the math

Bible Passages: Daniel 9:24-27 What if God could predict the future? What if God could predict something hundreds of years before it happened to the very day something would occur? Since He can and He has, don't you think it is wise to believe what God says about what...

#9   Now What?

#9 Now What?

Bible Passages: John 14:1-3 Many say that Jesus Christ will return some day. Is it all a pipe dream? Is it all a lie that Christians tell themselves so that they can get a good night's sleep? It is so much more than we will ever understand this side of glory. Join us...

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